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23 lipca 2010

Witchcraft (Hrv) - Eternal Sea (1988)

Pretty neat for Croatia, huh? Solid thrash metal album with some great leads as well as vocals. Production sucks a bit but what do you expect from an album witch was made in 1988 in Balkans region? Solos are decent and would have been awesome if not for, one more time, the sound quality. But, well - I kinda like the rawness. The lyrics were never that good when it comes to metal other than American, British or German but hey - at least they are in English.

1. Eternal Sea
2. Die Sinner
3. Seventh Sabbath
4. Space Odyssey
5. Pray to Die
6. Trust in Evil
7. Sinful Nun
8. To Hell & Back One Day
9. Den of Vice
10. Ballad of Lucrecia Borgia


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