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6 lipca 2010

Morsüre (Fra) - Acceleration Process (1985)

Finally! After months of searching I finally found a decent French thrash! Yeah, that's right - French! And fucking great I might add. I never expected such an awesome album would be released in France and in...1985! Those guys formed in 1981 in Paris, put out a demo and this LP which is great if not for production - especially drums - they are literally all over the place. It's not that bad though and it sure adds to the overall rawness of the record.

1. M.A.D.
2. No Moral
3. Ahriman's Heart
4. Et Nox Fracta Est
5. Morsure
6. Neither Pity nor Remorse
7. XX World
8. L'Irrémédiable
9. Oderint Dum Metuant
10. Vreder Strack


1 komentarz:

  1. Speed Metal/Hardcore Punk, love the fast drums

    extremest French band from the era