Which Thrash Metal scene is the best for you?

12 października 2010

Wolfpack (Gbr) - Total Head Removal (1987)

Real fun to listen thrash with a punky attitude. Riffs are great and catchy, vocals are cool and as a whole it's a good record. Not groundbreaking but good enough to give it more than one listen. I'm pretty sure you won't be dissapointed. It's raw, rough and possesses that 80's thrash sound that we all love.

1.Full Scale Attack
2.Hell On Earth
4.Devils Child
6.Death by Default
7.Evil Lives
8.Traitors Gate


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  1. Gracias man buen aporte.
    Carnal sera que puedas subir este disco en ningun blog lo encuentro
    Penetrator - Beyond Your World (1991)