Which Thrash Metal scene is the best for you?

14 października 2010

Vengeance Rising (USA) - Human Sacrifice (1988)

Surprisingly well done thrash with Chrisitanity-based lyrics. This theme always somehow discouraged me from listening to any bands showing it but Vengeance Rising is different. Aggressive, fast, with so many great riffs and leads, harsh vocals and the overall intensity. "Human Sacrifice" is an absolutely amazing effort and you feel like you could listen to it over and over again. A must-have.

1. Human Sacrifice
2. Burn
3. Mulligan's Stew
4. Receive Him
5. I Love Hating Evil
6. Fatal Delay
7. White Throne
8. Salvation
9. From the Dead
10. Ascension [instrumental]
11. He Is God
12. Fill this Place With Blood
13. Beheaded


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