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2 września 2010

Paradox (Deu) - Heresy (1989)

For me it's lyrically one of the best albums I've ever heard. This concept album revolves around Cathars and how the Church destroyed them without showing even the slightest amount of mercy (don't you just love those guys ?). As for the music - great power/thrash with very nice vocals and catchy choruses. The riffs are also quite interesting and it really stands out as an album. Paradox released 5 studio albums up to date and are still active but for me it's their greatest effort. "It's a perfect way but to the Church it's just called heresy!"

1. Heresy
2. Search For Perfection
3. Killtime
4. Crusaders Revenge
5. The Burning
6. Massacre Of The Cathers
7. Serenity
8. 700 Years On
9. Castle In The Wind


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