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4 czerwca 2010

Next (Mex) - Invasion Nuclear (1988)

Ok so basically - those guys from Mexico may not be the best thrash you've ever heard but they are descent at the very least. The riffs, the drums - it's just like we like - fucking thrash. Some melodic soloing and other shit like that is here too. Vocals are great as well as backing vocals (which are pretty awesome). The only thing is they sing in Spanish but it doesn't stop 'em from being badass! Really great band.

1. Guerra inutil
2. Debes morir
3. Invasion nuclear
4. S.P.G.
5. Muerte y tortura
6. Holocausto Parte I
7. Holocausto Parte II
8. Destruccion
9. Pecado mortal
10. Grita rock


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  1. Link is broken, I would really appreciate if you could reupload it again :-) Thanks in advance!