Which Thrash Metal scene is the best for you?

16 maja 2010

Swashbuckle (USA) - Crewed by the Damned (2006)

Love those guys. Their pirate image, pirate theme songs, fusion of thrash and death - just fucking awesome! Angry, violent tracks mixed with peaceful melodies straight from port inn on Caribbeans - it's priceless. And Drink Up is one of the best tracks to drink to!

01. Under the Black Flag
02. Welcome Aboard
03. Drink Up
04. Set Sail
05. Walk
the Plank
06. What a Ship Is
07. Dead Men Tell No Lies
The Wooden World
09. "X" Marks
the Spot
10. Rum Runners
11. Upon
the Spanish Main
The Bazaar
13. Jolly Roger
14. Paradise Defined
15. Crewed by
the Damned
16. A Fool's Errand
17. Pirate Jargon
18. Nautical Nonsense



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