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4 maja 2010

Headbanger - Ready to Strike (2009)

Cover for this album compensates for the shortcomings of the previous. Also, the material on this album is at least as good as the "Nuclear Devastation." It begins with an outstanding intro, which imperceptibly changes into one of the biggest killers in the discography of the band, the title track READY TO STRIKE! This track has its roots deep in the Bay Area, and the main riff stays in your head for long. The next song - Brutal Revenge - it's like for me the best track from them, the chorus is a world championship, after a single hearing you'll never gonna get it outta your head. The last track is as outstanding as the rest. Musicians, no idea why don't play it on the gigs. And now all that remains for us is to wait for the LP, which should show up at the end of this year.

1. Intro
2. Ready to Strike
3. Brutal Revenge
4. Speed of Light

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  1. Fucking oldschool! It feels like those guys traveled forward in time from 1983-84!