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19 maja 2010

Bitter End (USA) - Harsh Realities (1990)

The cover does suck big time, I admit it. But the content of this album - simply great. It's that melodic and technical type of thrash so don't expect it to go all Raining Blood on your ass but it's really, really nice. It really does resemble some of the realeses of 1990 like Testament's Souls of Black or others in the vein of that. Melodies are outstanding as well as vocals and some of the lyrics are pretty awesome too. Riffs are catchy and punkish somehow but in a good way. And the solos are something I'm pretty impressed with. Overall Harsh Realities is great thrash with a little punk approach but not going to deep in that direction.

1. Sex and death
2. Guilty (until proven innocent)
3. Just say yes
4. Beat the system
5. Profits of doom
6. Meet your maker
7. Harsh realities
8. Save us
9. Waiting for death
10. Living hell


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