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20 kwietnia 2010

Post Mortem (USA) - Coroner's Office (1986)

1986 again, people. Goddamn, what a year. This release is from one of those forgotten bands which put out one or two albums and dissapeared. Coroner's Office is one of those forgotten albums. It's quality thrash metal with some angry, Lemmy-like vocals at times, crazy riffs and great solos. Post Mortem released 3 more LP's but they are really not worth mentioning here. Sadly enough cause this could have been a good band (as hundreds of others)

1.Armies of the Dead
2.Waiting for the Funeral
3.Ready to Die
4.No Time
6.(It Was) Just a Thought
7.Syncopated Jazz (Instrumental)
8.Soupy Sales
9.Coroner's Office
10.Death to the Masses
11.I Want to Die
12.Run Amok


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