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24 kwietnia 2010

Coven (USA) - Blessed is the Black (1988)

Wow - you look at the cover of this album and think: "Motherfucker - this is one hell of an evil cover... DO WANT!" Lyrics are anti-Christian and evil as hell though funny at the same time - definitely one of the strong points of this release. The musicianship is just as good - the variety of styles used on this album is pretty amazing. You have to at least check this shit out cause it's one of the more intriguing albums I have come across during my years with thrash.
PS. Look at the song titles

1.Blessed is the Black
3.Burn the Cross
4.Out of the Grave
5.Rock This Church
6.Iron Dick
7.The Monger
8.McDonaldland Massacre
9.Another Life
10.Creature of Duty (and My Duty Is Death)


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